Vegas BDSM Kinks & Fetishes

We all have a little (big) fetish. That little thing we secretly love, but maybe refuse to talk to people about. Sometimes these fetishes aren’t all that bad, we just feel comfortable talking about the particular kink. it can be something small, like enjoying the look of women’s high heels, or even loving the feeling of standing in front of the mirror, posing as a male in pantyhose. Sometimes we just can’t describe the kink or fetish we are interested in, we just like them. And is there really anything wrong with it? Tossing on a dress, loving the smell of hair, or enjoying the feeling of spanking isn’t hurting anyone else, so what’s the big deal, right?


Well, not everyone is open-minded (even though everyone has some kind of a fetish that they don’t want to talk about as well). What if you want BDSM Las Vegas? Where can you find a Las Vegas dominatrix? So what can you do about that foot fetish? Should you just push it away and pretend like it doesn’t exist? That isn’t very healthy. Thankfully, we do have a suggestion for how you can finally live out your cross dressing or bondage fetish, all with the help of a willing participant. How? With the help of one of our Las Vegas escorts, that’s how.

Who has Kinks & Fetishes?

The word fetish has a kind of negative connotation. It’s like people hear the word and attach some kind of weird stigma to the word. The reality is, a fetish simply means you have a particular connection with something. Maybe you really enjoy it or you derive some kind of sexual pleasure from it. It could be purely a mental stimulus or a physical one. But really, whatever it is, you enjoy it. And is that so wrong?


As long as it is legal and it isn’t going to physically injure someone, we are all for it. Working in Las Vegas we have heard it all and then some. Okay, so we probably shouldn’t say we have heard “it all,” because we already know there will be a new fetish to come in any day that we haven’t heard before. But that’s why we love our clients. They have vivid imaginations. Anything from a smoking fetish all the way to sitting in a hottub full of Jello. Kinks and fetishes are all over the map, and chances are, your fetish is probably pretty common, others just don’t talk about it. 

The one thing about having a fetish, regardless of what it is, is it can be difficult to open up about it. You’ve probably been accustomed to keeping it hidden away from the world for much, if not all of your life, so actually talking about it and partaking in it with someone might be incredibly frightening. We want to tell you there’s no reason to be afraid. You should be more excited than anything. Kind of like the excitement an actor experiences before going on stage in front of an audience. By taking advantage of the girl direct to you booking service, we can have BDSM escorts, a dominatrix, or any other fetish escort sent directly to you. They will know how to best ensure you have the best, most invigorating time possible. 

Kinks, Fetishes, and Escorts

We’re not going to limit the kinds of fetishes, kinks, and escorts right here. Instead we’ll just go over some of the more popular fetishes we have come across. But don’t worry. Just because the fetish you have isn’t listed here doens’t mean our girls won’t perform it, or be with you in the room, cheering you on. It’s just impossible to cover everything, so we just dig into the requests we receive more often than not.


We’ve already mentioned a mistress or dominatrix fetish, as bondage is an especially popular one. Probably it and a foot fetish are the most common fetishes we are questioned about. Anal play is another one. So many men are interested in experimenting with anal play, but they don’t know how to get started. Maybe you tense up whenever you try to slide a finger in, or you’ve grabbed a girlfriends hairbrush and tried it in your butt, but just didn’t know how to best make it work. Our Las Vegas escorts will work you through it. 

Maybe your fetish involves another person. Perhaps your foot fetish revolves around a woman wearing a boot or high heel shoe. Or you want someone to help you with cross dressing or assisting you with your pantyhose. You likely have questions and it’s possible you don’t know how to dress up. Heck, if you wanted to reserve an escort for a girlfriend experience and have a girls night, many of our girls would absolutely love that.



We do want to remind you that impact play, such as trampling, is illegal. It can be dangerous, and we don’t want to put our girls, or you, in any kind of danger. That is one of the few fetishes we don’t perform. But if you have an armpit fetish, hair fetish, or most other sexual fetishes and our girls will be happy to make those kink dreams come true.


Just make sure to give us a call and ask about the fetish ahead of time. We want to make sure the right girl is picked out and ready for the kind of kink you are into.