Las Vegas GFE

The Truly Vegas Experience

It’s a tough, lonely world out there. It doens’t matter how successful you are, what kind of title you hold, and where in the planet you live, being alone and not feeling loved is far too common, and it is something that can drag even the best person down.


The problem is, you can’t just find a girlfriend, no matter what family members and close friends say. It isn’t always possible to just snap your fingers and make a loving, caring, significant other appear. Heck, you might even have a “significant” other, and yet despite being considered your better half, they might have little to no actual caring affection for you. There’s far too many relationships out there where one partner just isn’t receiving the kind of tender, loving care they deserve. And you do deserve that tender touch, a listening ear, a shoulder to learn on, and a warm body to hold. With a girlfriend it isn’t always about sex. Sure, that can be a nice benefit, but it is the emotional connection that really drives the desire for such an individual. Sex can come. In many ways, it’s far easier to find sex than a compassionate girlfriend.


Coming to Las Vegas, you’ve probably heard of the girl direct to you service. Whether you want gay escorts, an Asian massage, a transgender strip tease, or anything else of that nature, you know you can find it in Vegas. But did you know, when it comes to escorts direct to you services, you can also book yourself a girlfriend experience? That’s right. While others might book transexual escorts for a private show, or they want female escorts to show off for a client, you can take advantage of the opportunity and discover what it is to feel loved and cared for, all with the help of an escort service in Las Vegas.

The Girlfriend Experience

When it comes to spending time with Las Vegas escorts, one of the more popular specific requests is for a girlfriend experience. Sure, plenty of people come to Vegas and book female escorts because they want a striptease show or to put on some kind of epic bachelor party weekend, but in these instances clients usually beat around the bushes, to to speak. They have an idea of what they want, but they are not exactly sure what to ask for. With a GFE that isn’t the case. Most clients that want a paid companion look for someone that yes, they can show around town because of their drop dead looks. But it’s so much more than that. There is a personal, almost intimate connection. And sure, there’s an attraction to it, but that’s not the main selling point. It’s that personal feeling that just doesn’t come all that often on the outside world.

Maybe you want someone you can get a drink with, watch a sporting event with, or curl up on the couch and watch a movie with. These are seemingly little things in life that often go unfilled. In a strange sort of way it’s easier to go to the bar and brick someone back to the room for a one night stand than it is to find someone who wants to watch a random 80s romcom, curl up on the couch, and eat snacks with. Thankfully, with a GFE, that’s exactly what you receive. 

An excellent GFE can be done with an escort new to the industry, or with a high class escort that has been working the scene for several years now. You will have someone to spend time with, someone you can have dinner with, and, most importantly, you can have someone who will make you feel special and loved. They will listen to you. Maybe you’ve had a bad day, a long week, or the months just seem to string by and nothing is going right. Whatever the case may be, with a GFE you can experience having a girlfriend without any of the work or the struggle of finding one (and maintaining one).

Who enjoys the GFE?

But how long can you maintain your GFE? Can you sleep with her? Your GFE can last as long as you’d like to reserve. And if the two of you truly connect (and how won’t you if you’re curled up on a sofa?), then it might last long after the “official” date has ended. And as for sleeping with her? Well you’re to consenting adults. Whatever happens between the two of you is simply that: between the two of you. Of course, if you just want to score, we do recommend the brothels in Las Vegas that are right on the outskirts of the county line.


Just about anyone can enjoy a GFE. Sometimes you want a girlfriend without actual sex. To some that might sound like a foreign concept, but maybe you are recently divorced or a widower. You’re not ready for sexual activity but want to feel loved and to be hugged and touched. A GFE is perfect for that. An Eros escort that’s offering a GFE experience is great for an older woman and gentleman that wants the feeling of companionship. The beauty of a GFE is it can mean different things to different people. So, you need to ask yourself, what does a girlfriend experience mean to you?