Age: 25
Height: 5’4
Weight: 127 lbs
Ethnicity: Eastern European
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Gray Blue
A blonde woman plays with her hair as she takes a selfie. A leather jacket hangs from her shoulders, her only covering besides the black and sheer bra and panty set.

Big booty? Check. Nice, natural breasts? Check. Blonde European woman? Check. We could go on and on, but let’s just jump to the end of the line and tell you Gaia marks all the boxes. She is that natural beauty that doesn’t need enhancements. She is all natural, all beautiful, and she can be all yours. That is, if you book her.


What you can’t gain from the photographs is the incredible, sultry voice Gaia has. When she whispers into your ears you will turn to puddy. She has a way about her that is unlike anything else you’ve experienced. If you love having your ears lade with, if the caress of a tongue on your earlobe unravels you. And if you’re just unable to control yourself when a woman with a sexy accent says something right into your ear, as if funneling her sweet nothings directly to your brain, than Gaia is the private female escort for you.


But let’s move past the looks and sound of Gaia. If you’re reading this profile you already like how she looks. You’re here because you want to find out more about her, and you want to know what she can do with you and for you. We’ll say right here we’ll let her tell you directly more about her. The way she tells it is so much better than we ever can (trust us, we’ve tried to write it out here countless times, but it just never does it justice. Probably because her sexy voice does things our written words just can’t replicate). However, we would love to tell you what she can do for you.


One of Gaia’s true specialties is she can give you one of the most amazing bodyrubs you’ve ever had your entire life. And we completely mean that. Have you ever been to a strip club where there’s a girl walking around, offering arm and neck massages? They are more common in the larger cities where strip clubs are always looking to outdo the other (so don’t worry if you haven’t). But if you have been to one, and you decide to go for the massage, we bet that you found the massage was probably the best bang for your buck. Having a beautiful woman massage your body, working the knots from a long day of travel, and turning you into puddy. Well, imagine that five minute experience drawn out into a longer, one-on-one time with Gaia.


You can pair that with any number of other activities. From a night out at a fancy dinner to hitting up a dive bar or even staying in, watching a movie in the hotel room, and just relaxing, Gaia is the girl for you (and can you imagine actually being the one who receives a massage throughout the entire movie, and not being the one giving the massage only to never receive any attention in return? Gaia will change that).