Age: 26
Height: 5’9
Weight: 117 lbs
Ethnicity: Italian/Spanish
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
A tall, tanned woman in her 20s looks at you while her hands rest on the top of her head. Her slender figure is presented to you in a dark gray string bikini.

Ever since you were a young child discovering the beautiful form of the female body, some of the first gorgeous women you likely saw were on the covers of magazines, or they graced the stage of various pageants televised around the world (maybe your dad was watching the programs and then suddenly changed the channel when your mom walked in). While the female form has taken on all kinds of looks over the years, with larger breasts and fatter, juicier booties, the one look that will never go out of style is the tall, tanned, elegant splendor of a runway model. The long legs that go on for miles and the slender, yet still curvy bodies, are things of beauties. These kinds of looks cannot be obtained through cosmetic procedures. They can’t be formed in the gym. They are through genetics and genetics only. It’s what makes it so difficult to obtain and yet, when you do, it’s that much more meaningful. 


Luka is exactly that kind of girl. She has the shape of a runway model, with her curves and slender body. There’s an elegance to when she walks. It’s as if she’s walking on water, which might be why so many men bow down at her feet. 


But Luka doesn’t need you to worship her feet. She wants you to be there with her. Even if you can’t swim, she’ll guide you along the water with her arm around your waist, holding you up, helping you do things you never thought were possible. 


One of the most common questions we get about Luka is, “what exactly is her ethnicity?” It’s a funny thing when someone asks that question, we believe. But hey, people want to know. Sometimes it’s just out of curiosity, because they can’t decide if she is a Latina escorte or if she grew up in Long Beach. You can ask her yourself if you’d like, but she has the perfect combination of Mediterranean aesthetics. There is the beautiful blend of Spanish and Italian inside of her. 


But no matter what she is, or what you are, the importance of Luka is that she is the runway model that wants to spend her evening with you. Is there another time you’d like to book with her? Sure thing, we can do that as well. She is a fantastic individual to hang out by the pool with, go to the club with, or, as we suggest, this woman looks drop dead stunning in a formal dress for a big event. Sometimes you want a woman that is well out of your league, and yet doesn’t have the jumbo tits or injected ass. We get that. There’s a time and a place. And if that time and a place requires you to have the eye candy all men have craved since childhood, Luka is the girl for you.