Age: 19
Height: 5’3
Weight: 109 lbs
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue

You’re in Vegas, which means you’re here for a good time. But it also means you’re here for things you can’t normally get back home. And this is so much more than just a high-end burger or craps in the casino for a few hours. You want something young. Sexy. Just of age so you don’t have to sweat. Because you remember what girls were like when you were just out of high school. How full of life and fun they were. How the world was their oyster (and how you really wanted to see their clam). It was a different time back then, but Vegas is a different place, which means you can relive your glory years, or create memories you weren’t able to experience. Whatever the motivation might be, when you’re searching for sexy Las Vegas escorts, and you want them just starting off in college, Alicia is your gal.


And don’t worry. We won’t tell her dad if you don’t.


Alicia is about as fresh out of high school as she can get and still work with us. Having just turned 19 she is stoked and ready to get her career under way. She’s actually paying her way through college doing this. With the crazy, surging cost of going to school, we think this is fantastic. It’s so much better than graduating with a mountain of debt pulling you down. But she gets more out of this than just help affording a higher education. 


She’s bursting at the seams to meet as many new people as she can. She has that bright eyed and bushy tail mentality whenever it comes to interacting with people she hasn’t been around before. She wants to learn about you, talk to you about your life, and just expose herself to ideas and things she’s never been around. 

You wouldn’t say no to helping a girl with her studies now, would you? We wouldn’t think so.


Of course, maybe bushy isn’t the best word to use when describing Alicia. We’re not going to tell you how things look when she’s nude, and trust us, that can be arranged, but “bushy” isn’t a word we would fit into her definition. 


When you go on a date with Alicia in many ways, you will be the professor and her the student. She will want to drain you dry of all your knowledge. She’ll want to wrap her arms around that thick brain of yours and just work you until you give her that delicious information she craves. She drinks all of that up. She’ll even dress up like a Catholic school girl, if that’s the look you’re going for. Or perhaps a high school cheerleader?


The question is, what will you share with Alicia that she can take with her? Because we already know you are going to have the memory of Alicia as well as the time you spent with her tattooed onto that thick, throbbing brain of yours for the rest of your life. So, what do you say? Are you ready for a date?