Age: 23
Height: 5/4
Weight: 116 lbs
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
A young, sexy woman, is just waking up in bed. A man's dress-shirt is sliding down her body, exposing her shoulder. A small, black g-string clings to the curves of her booty. She looks over a pair of glasses in your direction.

You say you want a big booty luxury escort. You have dreamed about it ever since you decided to come out to Las Vegas. Maybe it’s a business trip. Maybe it’s a guy’s weekend. Maybe it’s a post divorce event and you just want to have a little fun after everything you went through. Whatever has brought you hear, you might say you want a big booty, but do you think you can really, truly, handle one? With presented with a young beauty that has the ass of a goddess, will you able able to to truly compose yourself in the presence of such an asset, or will you melt as soon as you see it?


The good thing is, with Chantal, it doesn’t matter. Whether you faint immediately or you hold on and avoid the heart attack weaker men might experience, she is here for you. She’ll help nurse you back to health on the way to the hospital if you do have that heart attack or black out. After all, you did book time with her, and she’s going to make sure you get the best time out of her possible. 


But what would you actually like to do? We’re assuming riding in the back of an ambulance isn’t a top priority? But maybe having Chantal dress up as a nurse is? Oh, you better believe she can handle that. She can handle just about all of your cosplay and dress-up requests. Because everyone is into something different, but just as long as you’re into big booties, Chantal is the kind of girl you’ve been searching for. 


Chantal is well aware of the effects her booty has on people. Ever since she was in high school playing for the varsity volleyball team, guys just seemed to be drawn to her. She tried not to look, but she always felt the eyes of the boys in her class, as well as the dads of other girls, watching her as she bent over, waiting for the serve. She knew they were watching, and while she did concentrate on the game, she liked the feeling of knowing their eyes were riding her ass. The next year, she went with smaller shorts, even though her ass grew. Win or lose, she wanted to put on a show that everyone would enjoy. 


That show continues to this day. She is here to make sure you enjoy that one of a kind show. The only question is, what kind of show would you like? A show in a little black dress? A show in leggings or tight denim jeans? Maybe just a g-string thong as she shows off her favorite toys she likes to use while home alone? You let us know, and we’ll make sure Chantal is ready for your requests.