Age: 22
Height: 5’4
Weight: 114 lbs
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
A young woman in her early 20s looks into your eyes, a raised brow above one eye, the other looking through strands of hair. A string bikini top covers her perky breasts.

So what brought you here to Las Vegas? Was it the food buffets? That’s it, isn’t it. You came for the monster food spread. It’s actually what brought me out here as well.


Okay, so that’s only partially true. First time I came out here to Vegas I was 15. Not sure what my parents were thinking. Too young to gamble or do anything fun, but old enough to see all the potential and understand my own part in it. The first night, when my parents came back from one of the casinos, we all went to the buffet there. That was actually the final selling point. When I saw that, when I turned 18, I could work in a city like that and then chow down on the killer selection of whatever I wanted, that set me straight. I mean come on, I wasn’t getting anything like that back in Minnesota. So here I am. All thanks to my parents.


But tell me more about you. What do you want out of your Vegas vacation? You obviously want something a little more than the ordinary. You wouldn’t be checking out escorts if you didn’t. And plenty of guys out there who want to see some tits or spend time with chicks just go to the strip clubs. It’s easy enough. But you, no, I can already tell that you’re different. Sure, you’d like to get your escort naked, and with me, that’s always a strong possibility. But with you, you want a connection. You want to remember the girls name and know more about her. I’m not some lifer-mom working at the strip clubs and fighting against time to try and stay relevant. No, I’m the girl you instantly bond with. We can shoot the shit, talk about life, vent about terrible past relationship (or shitty current ones), or we can just kick it and live life to the fullest.


Now, if you are not aware, I’m also what you might consider a porn star escort. If you look online you’ll stumble across some of my other works of art. Some where solo productions, others helped provide the body paint ;). But I’m open and cool about that as well. I feeling is if you’re not able to be open and honest about your life than you’re doing something wrong. Because it’s your life. Why hide it? I’m sure not.


So if you’re been looking to get something off your chest, or just interested in seeing mine, hit me up. I look forward to spending some solid time with you.