Age: 25
Height: 5’5
Weight: 107 lbs
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Gray-green
A fit and toned woman in white bra and pink panties tosses her head back in exctasy, her long hair curling down over her body.

Super fit gym babes are hard to come by. Sure, if you hit up your local gym you’ll find a few hitting the squats and pumping out more leg press reps than most other professional lifters. They can be intimidating, not ot mention you don’t want to be accused of leering, even if you’re just searching your phone for a number to the closest pizza joint. Life of the gym is truly trying, and going after a gym babe is that much more difficult. Thankfully, Josi makes it easy.


How easy? Give us a call and book her. That’s it. There’s no awkward conversations while sucking for air between sets. There’s no uncomfortable ice breaking questions like what does her tattoo mean or what kind of pre-working does she take for maximum performance. It’s so difficult to know what to say to a woman at the gym and, honestly, most women that look like Josi aren’t there to chit-chat. They are there to get that ultimate booty pump, burn off calories, give dudes in sweatpants uncomfortable boners, and then leave. 

But you can sidestep all of that by taking advantage of the incall services Josi gives. That’s like being gifted a Fast Pass to skip the line and go immediately to the ride. There’s just nothing like it.


If you’re already spitting mad game at the local gym and you can pick up that skinny waist, dump truck booty, and crazy rack chest, then by all means continue doing what you’re doing, because whatever you’re doing is working. But if you need some help or, heck, even if all of that does work for you but you need a break from all the game spitting you’re doing, give Josi a call.


What might surprise you is Josi is down for it all. She’s not going to skimp out just because she’s fitter than a fiddle (FYI, did you know that saying has been around since the 1600s? No? Well there you go, and who’s to say you can’t learn from an escort’s profile? Probably means you should be checking out more woman escort profiles, right?). She’s down for that pizza party or going out for cocktails. She wants to eat that strawberry dipped in whipped cream or anything else of that matter.


Of course, she is also a fantastic girl to be physically active with. Is there a hike you’ve been wanting to check out but would like a partner to go with you for it? Give us a call and let’s get Josi all booked up for you. Maybe you actually want to go to the gym and want to have the hottest looking girl there work as your workout partner. It’s actually a pretty killer, baler move, to show up with the hottest girl in the gym. Not only will all the bros in gray sweatpants be getting boners over her leg workout, but they will be instantly jealous of you. And you know what? They are just going to assume that you’ve got some killer big dick energy going on, after all, you landed Josi.


But we’re not here to tell you how to spend your time with Josi. We’re just throwing out some ideas. Want to spitball some date options or activity potential? Just shoot your questions our way and we’ll go over them. One thing is for sure though. You will want to book her quickly because she doesn’t last long when her hours are available.