Age: 21
Height: 5’0
Weight: 102 lbs
Ethnicity: Chinese
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
A young Asian woman snaps a selfie of herself. She's wearing a lavender colored sweater. With wide eyes, she looks at you, her free hand plays with her hair.

Hi! I’m Elsie. I’m really happy you are here to see me. I hope you like my pictures. I’m not always good taking them, but I thought these ones looked good! I think I look cute in them. What do you think?


I think it is funny that I am here in Las Vegas as an escort. Growing up I wsa very shy. I liked to stay home most of the days when my brothers were outside playing. They would go with friends and I would stay and read a book or even sing (when I thought nobody else was listening). My family wanted me to go out and make friends, but I just wanted to stay inside and be by myself. Do you ever feel that way? It can be nice to be alone sometimes.


But I would see pictures of this Las Vegas. All the lights. All the activities going on. I don’t know why by I was drawn to it. Like a month to light it drew me in! So I visited, shy little me, and I fell in love. I told my parents the day before I was leaving that I had an apartment in Las Vegas. I waited so long to tell them because I feared they wouldn’t let me. I know they were a little worried, because I had never been so far from home, but they were also happy. Happy that I was finally getting out and trying something new. It has been a good thing. Being in Las Vegas has pulled me out of a shell. I am the caterpillar that transforms into a butterfly I like to think.


It is a longer story for how I became an Asian escort. Too long to talk about here. But you know how it goes. One thing that led to another. Or, how is the saying? Yada yada yada and here I am! Did I say that correctly? I think you know what I mean.


I am newer to working as an escort, and while I am one of the few Asian girls here that works, I want to become better and better. That is why I do not charge as much as the very best girls! It is not that I don’t think I am as good as them. In many ways I think I am better! I hope you don’t take that as me being prideful, but I think because I am young and new and I look a little different it gives me some nice advantages. I am not one of the cheap escorts out there, because I don’t think someone should under value themselves. But I am a good price to spend some time with.


It will be fun, and we can get to know each other better! I hope you want to be my friend, or maybe something even more than that!