Age: 20
Height: 5’3
Weight: 109 lbs
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
A fit, young woman in her early 20s takes a selfie. She's wearing light wash denim jeans that hug her waist, and her form-fitting shirt reveals her toned abs.

Does the thought of a woman gaming in her panties and bra turn you on? Do you spend hours watching Twitch and other live streaming platforms in order to check out your favorite gaming gal battle it out on Fortnite or Call of Duty? Maybe you just love their dress or the way they look. They are slender, with pale skin, as if they walked right out of the video game themselves. If any or all of that sounds like your kind of woman, or if you just like the look of these profile pics, Susan is the chick you absolutely need to meet. 


There’s no shortage of women out there when coming to Vegas. It is all about identifying the kind of woman you are interested and you want to spend time with. Our escort service is basically the Baskin Robbins of the escort world. We have a flavor for everyone. While we’re not handing out physical free samples, we like to think of these photos as special sneak peaks into what you can expect. 


But the photos of Susan only go so far. Really it’s that wicked killer personality of hers that you need to connect with. She’s able to joke with you, laugh will you, and kick back with you. Whether that means you bust out your gaming system, a few Monster Energy Drinks, and order in a copious amount of Taco Bell, or you want to show her off to the world and you head to a dive bar, a dance club, or the casino, Susan does it all. 

She’s also one of the favorites amongst those who have a thing for feet worship. The slender shape of her body mixed with her delicious toes offer a total package of foot seduction. So if you’re into feet, and want to bow down in the presence of her twinkle toes, than give us a call and we’ll make it happen. 


She’s also the queen of BDSM. Can’t you just imagine her, decked out in leather and latex, holding a whip, making you do her every bidding? We’ve found gamer girls are often the best when it comes to this. But wait. Why don’t we have any photos of her in her outfits? Because this is something you need to be surprised with. We don’t want you shooting your load before even starting the night out, so she likes to keep it under wraps of black, tight-fitting clothing. 


Whatever you decide to do, and whatever kind of girl you are into, we believe Susan will set your heart ablaze as you fall head over heels for her. And who knows, maybe she’ll feel the same way about you. Crazier things have happened (and this one isn’t all that crazy, as it has happened more than a few times). Want your shot at the ultimate gamer girl? Book Susan and give us a call today.