Age: 23
Height: 5’2
Weight: 138 lbs
Ethnicity: Chinese
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
A large, busty woman lays on her bed, making direct eye contact with you. Her massive breasts are barely contained by her pink, sheer bra. Her pink panties complete the look.

Don’t lie. You love an Asian with massive tits. We all do. It’s that delicious unicorn that is simply amazing. It’s why we fell in love with Hannah as soon as she walked through our doors and sent us her photos and stats. Once we pulled our jaws off the floor we told her that yes, absolutely, we wanted to work with her.


Now, that doesn’t mean we didn’t do our due diligence with Hannah. Like every one of our other girls, we want to make sure she is of the highest quality possible. We don’t work with second-tier escorts, no matter how great they look or how much they turn us on. Because here it isn’t just about looks. They need to have a personality that is just as attractive as their looks. They need to be able to work with any number of clients, and they need to be able to satisfy any number of needs. Once we went down the line and through the checklist, we know that this busty BBW escort was everything we wanted in a woman and more.


You already know how incredible she looks. Since she started working with us, Hannah has been one of the most requested escort from our repeat customers. While there are guys that like to taste all the different flavors of escorts we have, but just about every guy who has spent time with Hannah has ended up coming back and reserving their time with her again.


And the reasons they keep coming back? Sure, we could say it’s because of her massive, giant, personality. But it’s because she’s up for anything. She doesn’t turn shy away from many requests. She is able to deliver the kind of experience you crave from an escort. Yeah, you can get the classic massage, bachelor party strip show, the seductive date night, and everything like that, but she’s also able to deliver an incredible girlfriend experience. We can bet that you’ve never had the kind of experience with a girlfriend that Hannah is able to provide.


She is the kind of woman you’re able to open up to and let all your emotions out. Whether this means you just want to talk about work, a divorce you’re struggling with, or there is something else in your life you just want someone at your side to talk to, Hannah is there for you. And you know what? When she gives you a hug to comfort you, her hugs are one of a kind. Because let’s be real. Hugging a woman with large, natural breasts and thick, juicy booty is better than hugging probably anyone else on the planet.


But tell us, what is it that you want out of an escort? What kind of magical events do you want to take place? Some girls specialize in certain kinds of services and certain kinds of dates, but Hannah is different. There is a saying that if you specialize in everything you specialize in nothing, but Hannah is the rare person where this is absolutely not the case. She specializes in everything and thrives in everything.